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Dont make this mistake
A few weeks ago, I bought several memberships at premium link exchange websites and directories in order to speed up the indexing and pagerank of my websites.

Just a few weeks later i find out that my money has been completely wasted and i have hurt my websites at the same time.

It turns out that search engine positions have worsened and google dont reward websites for inbound links like all these websites state but penalize websies instead.

Save your money and the Search Engine Positions you have worked so hard to get by dropping out of link exchange systems right away !

PageRank-Boost content and service change
It has been brought to our attention that organised link exchange with the purpose of increasing website pagerank is now considered a violation of the google terms and will result in an indexin ban instead of a pagerank-boost.

This change will result in more relevant search results for all google users and is a welcome change from our point of view.

Since the main purpose of this website was to encourage and assist with link exchanges we have as of 13-06-2007 taken our old content offline and will focus on creating a community for small bix website owners and promoters that encourage website enhancements that result in search engine optimization as well as a better website user experience.

We also want to create a debate forum where small biz website owners and promoters can communicate and help each other.

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